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Hotel Reservation System - GuestMaster
Hotel Reservation System - GuestMaster
Hotel Reservation System - GuestMaster
Hotel Reservation System - GuestMaster



Quick to set up and easy for staff to use

GuestMaster Reservation software for Hotels, Guesthouses and Bed and Breakfast accommodation, is designed to be equally suitable for those with little or no previous computer experience as well as the more IT literate. Based on the internationally accepted Microsoft Windows XP or 2003 system, the system is simple to use, using a mouse and keyboard. Moreover, you can immediately download it from the Web Site. Further more, customisation of GuestMaster is a quick and simple procedure made possible through the judicious use of ‘wizards’.

Undoubted quality coupled with predictable, affordable costs

Conceived, developed and engineered with quality to the forefront of the Research and Development department’s brief, GuestMaster is a fully upgradeable reservation booking system. The ‘Standard’ edition, for Bed and Breakfast accommodation; the ‘Advanced’ edition for Guest Houses; the ‘Professional’ edition for Hotels; and, the ‘Enterprise’ edition for larger hotels. Modular in design, both the Professional and Enterprise editions have available to them, many additions. Value for money was the only other consideration. We are confident you will agree, that the pricing policy reflects the industry’s concern with prudent cost management; further proving the understanding of client needs.

GuestMaster does it all - honestly

Irrespective of your individual entry level, the integrity of the package is never compromised. All GuestMaster software packages include a fully integrated reservation booking system with infinite time scale, a customer invoicing system, and easy-to-use management 3D graphs. The software does not have any limits in it, for example, on the number of resources or rooms you can have. You are not required to purchase support, software upgrades, extra training, hardware or anything else from us. We always advise you of all the costs prior to your agreement.

Fully upgradeable to higher editions

The Professional edition of GuestMaster, for example, can provide 54 different financial reports. With Add-On modules, it can even integrate with your telephone system to put customer’s phone calls directly on to their invoices, or integrate with cash tills in your bars - depending on the type of equipment you are using, of course, etc. You can even put together a fully networkable system with GuestMaster on many different PC’s all working together. Many other Add-On modules are also available.

One year FREE Technical Support with 5% discount

If you purchase the GuestMaster software package* from us you will get all GuestMaster software upgrades, whether major or minor, free for a whole year. You will also get office hours online or on phone Technical Support with up to 4 incidents for the first year for FREE plus 5% discount on the software price from us.


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Hotel Reservation System - GuestMaster
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