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The pace at which the business world is changing today presents many problems and opportunities for all managers, not least those responsible for IT.

Information Technology is driving business change. With high demands placed on IT staff it is not always possible to give adequate time and resources to deliver business critical projects

Organisations are constantly demanding more for less. The risks involved in project implementation, coupled with the financial constraints currently facing IT departments has made managing IT increasingly challenging

Global IT`s range of consultancy services offers you the help you need to deliver critical projects within your organisation.

Project Consultancy
Thorough planning is essential for IT project success.

Understanding the needs of the business and the way applications are used is fundamental to this process. GlobalIT believes that IT projects should be business driven and not technology led.

Each individual project is important, but the chances are that at least some of the aspects of the project will be unfamiliar to you. GlobalIT is involved with a wide variety of IT projects every day from infrastructure to the desktop, giving us the experience to advise you on which technologies can provide true business benefit in your unique environment.

By clearly understanding the problems and opportunities you face, and ensuring that we have full knowledge of your business as well as your technical environment, we can use our proven skills to effectively deliver your projects on time and within budget.

Project management
"failure is not an option"

Your IT projects will undoubtedly represent significant investment for your organization
This increases the pressure on IT management to implement projects successfully first time, every time. Failure is not an option. Using proven project management techniques GlobalIT manages and delivers successful projects for our clients every day

Global IT experienced Project Managers focus on the following key elements:

• Thin Client, reducing the complexity and support cost of desktop devices
• Storage consolidation and management
• Systems and network management
• Scaling and securing server and Web infrastructure
In avoiding project failure, GlobalIT experience is invaluable

IT Strategy Development

A comprehensive and intelligent IT strategy can be key to obtaining competitive advantage
IT strategy needs to be aligned with the your organisation`s business objectives. With a clear understanding of your business needs and direction, coupled with GlobalIT’s experience, we work with you to formulate a strategic vision for IT within your organization

The IT decisions you make today can impact the choices you have in the future. We can ensure that your organisation is making effective use of the technology available today and is well positioned to take advantage of new technologies in the future, further increasing your overall business efficiency.


Do you have a clear picture of your network?

Many of today`s systems and networks have developed incrementally, often without formal management and controls.

It can prove difficult and time consuming to keep track of exactly what is within your network infrastructure. In order to move forward and improve your IT environment, you need to be clear about where you are at now. To this end, prior to undertaking any significant work on your network Global IT will carry out a thorough audit identifying all software, hardware, peripherals and communications equipment currently in use

This provides a baseline for further work and ensures that solutions are implemented with a clear understanding of the existing network topology, making seamless integration a certainty

Business Continuity

Global IT can develop a strategy to reduce the need for downtime.

Are you aware of the full impact of loss of service on your network? Your business is increasingly dependent on your network infrastructure, loss of services is loss of business.
These pressures can only increase as e-commerce continues to become a major business driver in your organisation. Working with youGlobalIT can develop a strategy to reduce the need for downtime and create contingency plans in the event of partial systems failure or an act of God.

Network troubleshooting

Do you experience unexpected problems on your network? Do users complain of poor performance or occasional glitches?

It may be that you have underlying problems on your network that could turn into a catastrophic failure if left unaddressed.

GlobalIT offers a range of network analysis tools, from protocol analysers and packet sniffers to LAN and WAN performance monitoring tools together with exceptional networking expertise to help you investigate and cure these problems.