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ThinMaster Overview

Improvement of productivity with the existing resources

ThinMaster is a middle ware package to increase the business productivity and minimize IT investment by utilizing the latest application software and using the exsiting client resurces.

Business continuity

Smooth switching from Windows to Linux environment

ThinMaster provides seamless environment between Widows and Linux, which means that you can use both Windows and Linux application without dual booting. Thus no sudden change of office environment is needed. To eliminate any concern of the difficulties of Linux for the end users, ThinMaster splits Linux into the two parts, the system administrator part and the end users. The only thing that the end users have to do is " CLICK AND RUN", all the setting related duty is for system administrator.

New paradigm of computational environment

ThinMaster combines serverbase computing and client/server environment.

ThinMaster adopts both the benifits of centripetal management by server base computing technology and the benefits of centrifugual management by distributing application load to the client side. ThinMaster is new paradigm of computational environement.

ThinMaster Features

Seamless OS platform

Use both Linux and Windows application simultanuously without dual booting ThinMaster package provides the the perfect usage of both OS platforms, Linux and Windows.

Seamless data accessibility

ThinMaster provides seamless environment between Widows and Linux, ThinMaster enables you to access the same user environment, data compatibility and same data directory service in the different OS platform.

Load balance

ThinMaster finds and connects the least loaded or most capable server on the network with its load balancing function.
With any server connection, users can have the same DESKTOP environement and DATA DIRECTORY.

Seamless work place

ThinMaster enables you to access your application and data from your office, home or internet cafe.
You can access your data and application through PC, thinclient, wireless equipment as PDA, webpad or hand held devices.

Easy User Interface

System management is done on the WEB, so system administrator can manage
and configure the system and acount on the WEB with the easy UI.

Flexible storage connetion

Various kind of storage and backup device can be attached and configured in this system.

ThinMaster Architecture


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